Underdoing a breast augmentation procedure can help to improve your self-esteem. The procedure, also known as "boob job" or "breast aug" involves using fat or breast implants to increase the size of your breasts. You can also undergo the procedure to improve natural breast size asymmetry, achieve a more rounded shape or restore breast volume.


There are a number of surgeons that carry out breast implant procedures in Beverly Hills. Before selecting a surgeon to undergo the procedure from, it is important to carry out proper research. If the procedure is not done properly, you may end up with complications that can even result to death. Below are some tips that will help you determine whether a particular Beverly Hills plastic surgeon will be right for you.


Check Certification

Make sure the surgeon you want to go to is board-certified.  This is a no-brainer. Find out whether the surgeon has been certified by the national board in charge of plastic surgery. When you go to the board's websites, you will see information regarding the qualification and certification of a potential surgeon you are evaluating.


Why should you find out whether a surgeon is certified? Because, according to the law, any doctor can carry out any procedure. For example, a psychiatrist is allowed to carry out breast augmentation. The benefit of using a board-certified surgeon is that you can be sure he/she has completed three to five years of training in general surgery. Apart from this, the surgeon will have completed a minimum of two years of training in plastic surgery and taken oral and written tests. If you want to learn more about plastic surgery, you can visit


The national plastic surgery board required certified breast augmentation surgeons to continue with their medical education and take tests every 10 years.


Check the Surgeon's Record

Find out the past record of the surgeon. Carrying out a background check on a potential plastic surgeon is crucial to know what to expect. For example, you should avoid surgeons that have had malpractice judgments against them in the past.


At the California plastic surgery state licensing board, you will see any malpractice judgments filed against a surgeon as well as disciplinary actions taken by the board.


Find Out About Hospital Privileges


Find out whether the surgeon has hospital privileges. Even if the breast augmentation will be performed in an outpatient clinic, it is important to find out where the doctor has hospital privileges. This is important since hospitals carry out background check on the doctors before giving the privileges.